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Yummy: Masala Fresh Food Truck

On a cold, cloudy day at the Howell Mill Food Truck park, I expected to find an empty scene. Boy, was I wrong. Despite the fact that snow flurries were falling, there were tons of folks at the Taste and Brews Festival. The people that showed up had prepared well, wearing their hats and gloves and warm coats. Everyone seem to be in a great mood despite the dreary weather.

The Masala Fresh food truck had a steady line of folks wanting to try their samples of indian street food. Chicken tikka masala over rice coupled with a veggie samosa and a few pieces of naan was a hit with the crowd because it came out steaming hot and so tasty! I had a blast watching each patron devour their taste of Masala Fresh.

Masala Fresh is the first indian street food truck in Atlanta. I recommend getting a naan wrap which is like a indian burrito: yummy chicken masala and rice wrapped in a piece of naan. So simple yet so good. To find out where the Masala Fresh truck will be next, like them on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/MasalaFresh