Bohemian Circus @ Apache Cafe

My friend Brandon told me about the Bohemian Circus on Monday nights at Apache Cafe ( in Midtown. They have a live model who is semi well lit and a good live band. It’s open to artist and photographers for a cover of $5 and a model release form. Brandon goes and has a few drinks and listens to the band while sketching the model in pencil. I joined him with my camera for the first time a few weeks ago with mixed results. However I went back this week, armed with my nikkor 70-200mm and felt some of the images to be worth sharing. Check them out:

The Davis Twins at the ATL Botanical Gardens

The Davis Twins, their mom, Jessica and I spent a lovely February afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Andrew and Ansley are just over 6 months old and excelling at life in their own way. Andrew is about to start teething and Ansley is rolling over in hopes to figure out this crawling thing.